Residences: the Red E Scope of Work

Red E offers the entire spectrum of Interior work including doing up your home. This will let you focus on getting the apartment you desire instead of running around to multiple points to get the things you need for your home-in-the-making. Read on to understand our capabilities

Residential Interiors

We will listen to you first about your requirements for the design for your residence carefully. We will understand what you want and then present you the best possible design option for you to see and discuss with us, before making a final choice.

Red E’s scope of work will take you across 3D designing for your residence with detailed elements of the design for each room (from bedrooms to living areas to kitchen and more) and detailed estimates for every element so that you will know exactly what you are signing up for. No variations from designs and no hidden costs. And we will work on a tight schedule enabling you to get your home at the earliest.

As part of our design and execution, we partner with top notch international brands to present you the best of interiors along with value added services such as furniture, furnishing, accessories etc.

Modular Kitchen & Wardrobes

Red E has partnered with international brand MagickWoods in bringing the latest kitchen designs for your home. And with Luxus in bringing the European brand Komandor for Cabinets, Wardrobes & Interior Designs with Sliding Doors.

Quality? The very best! Design & Styles? So many to choose from!
Adaptability? Very much so! For all shapes and sizes! Durability? Yes, of course! 5-year warranty

Window Fashions

Hunter Douglas is another of Red E’s associated international brands. The most contemporary, the most sophisticated and the most good looking window fashions (how can one call them blinds?!) can now be provided for your home by us. With amazing varieties and options, made to measure for every window or wherever you have a glass partition. And we can let you operate them anywhere in the world with the smart PowerView options.

With Energy Efficient designs, they are also dust & stain resistant, making them easy to care for and last for a lifetime!

Furniture & Furnishing

Red E can custom-make furniture to suit any or all your rooms. We have our own manufacturing facilities to make sure we can deliver exactly what you want. And at a price that will be a very pleasant surprise for you.

We can also help with your furnishing requirements (such as electrical & bath fixtures, carpets, wallpaper and many more) either from India or from international sources.

Accessories & Appliances

Red E is in the unique position of being able to add the little final touches that make up your dream home. From fixtures and fittings (electrical, bath and others) to appliances (major brands in hobs, chimneys, built in ovens, white goods etc). And we will make sure you get the best pricing!

Indoor & Outdoor Gardening/Landscaping

Red E’s new initiative can help bring a little bit of green to your apartment with balcony gardening. Or if you are in an independent house, terrace or terrain landscaping. A team of passionate green enthusiasts will put their expertise to work for you.

Let us give your space the best in the market

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